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I received a sample of EatCleanTea matcha, to create a delicious and healthy recipe. Before I get onto the 'recipe' I made using matcha, I will briefly tell you a bit about the product itself!

What is Matcha? 

Matcha is green tea leaves from Japan that were handpicked and stone ground into a fine powder so you can ingest it however you like. Unlike other green tea's you get 100% of the benefits of matcha.

Benefits of Matcha

Matcha gives you long-lasting energy
It's a source of vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
Contains l-theanine which calms your mind and relaxes the body.
Strengthen your tooth enamel.
Will lower your blood sugar, cholesterol and look after your heart.
Boosts your metabolism.
It is a natural pre-workout and helps to burn even more fat during your workouts.
Give you beautiful clear skin
Detoxifies your body effectively and naturally with no undated side effects.


Matcha comes in three different flavours:
Matcha & Ginger
Matcha & Mint

My Summer Of Matcha Smoothie

I created a fruit smoothie using the Matcha & Ginger flavour. 
To create my smoothie I used of the following fruit:
Red grapes

I prefer to use frozen fruit when making smoothies. I had previously sliced and frozen the fruit before I made the smoothie,  and only used a few pieces of each.

I filled the nutri bullet with fruit to the maximum line and then filled it with water.

Once the fruit had been blended, I then added the Matcha & Ginger powder. I used two scoops and then blended the smoothie again.

Here is the finished smoothie. I added a raspberry on top for aesthetic purposes.

You never know with smoothies how there gonna taste, but with this one didn't disappoint! You can taste the ginger from the Matcha powder, which was really nice and wasn't overpowering either! I think this smoothie is a great healthy option and would be the perfect drink for those hot summer days.


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  1. I've just created my Matcha recipe too :) Love the amount of fruit in yours.

    Love LC xx


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